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Periodontal Care
Rocklin, CA

Gum disease can be classified into two types, gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gum, which if left untreated will proceed to be periodontitis which is now gum disease. But you need not worry because not all gingivitis progresses to periodontitis. Gingivitis occurs when bacteria build up in the gums causing them to become inflamed. When you brush your teeth you will notice blood on the toothbrush or in the spit. At this point, the gum will be irritated but there will be no damage to the teeth. If gingivitis is left untreated, it can advance to periodontitis. If your gum disease has escalated to periodontitis, the inner layer of your gum and bone starts pulling away from the teeth causing the formation of pockets. These pockets will collect debris and can become infected. The bacteria will break down the bone and tissue that hold teeth in place. It may eventually lead to loss of teeth. Smile Island Pediatric & Adult Dental Group can determine how far your gum disease has progressed and also provide treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis.

Diagram of periodontitis and health tooth

Periodontal Maintenance and Care

Periodontal maintenance is the removal of tartar and bacteria that cause the inflammatory response that leads to gum disease. Periodontal maintenance involves the patient getting deeper dental cleaning than a regular dental cleaning. Patients who have a history of periodontal disease require deeper cleanings because the illness causes the formation of periodontal pockets. After the pockets have formed, the debris collected in these pockets will attract bacteria. If bacteria are present in your mouth, it will lead to inflammation. Your body’s immune system response to the presence of bacteria is the cause of inflammation. Removing the debris collected in these pockets prevents bacteria from accumulating in your mouth. Periodontal maintenance will require you to make an appointment with us more frequently than you would a regular dental cleaning. We shall access the amount of inflammation of your gums to determine how many times you would need periodontal maintenance. If the pockets are many and deeper you will need periodontal maintenance at regular intervals.

Difference Between Periodontal Maintenance and Regular Cleaning

With regular cleaning, our dental hygienist will clean around the crowns of your teeth. With periodontal maintenance, it will be more involved, cleaning under your gums and around the roots of your teeth. For regular cleaning, it may be uncomfortable when scraping the teeth but you will not feel any pain. For periodontal maintenance, because of the inflammation and deeper cleaning, it may be a more intense process. Do not worry if we recommend periodontal maintenance, our dentist will ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure. Our dentist will inform you of the available appropriate anesthetic options in case you need them.

Benefits of Periodontal Maintenance and Care

It helps in the removal of tartar and plaque buildup from the gumline. Brushing and flossing your teeth at home may help in removing debris, but they do not remove everything. Our experienced dentist will remove all the debris using specialized dental equipment. The procedure also helps in improving aesthetics. You will be comfortable smiling in public if your teeth are well maintained. Periodontal maintenance removes bacteria which is a cause of bad breath; hence, you are free to speak to people without worrying about bad breath. If you suspect you have gingivitis or periodontitis please call Smile Island Pediatric & Adult Dental Group at 916-773-6565 today and schedule an exam.


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Periodontal Care - Smile Island Dental Group - Rocklin, CA
Periodontal care is the removal of tartar and bacteria that cause the inflammatory response that leads to gum disease. Call Smile Island Dental Group now!
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