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Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Placer County?
Emergencies in Dentistry in Placer County

White patient, concerned, seated on a dental chair, talking to her dentist about her tooth acheUsually, trauma or face injury causes a dental emergency. A tooth might be saved or lost depending on your knowledge of what to do in a dental crisis. For the most part, dental emergencies call for quick thinking and a scheduled appointment. We at Smile Island Pediatric & Adult Dental Group always make time for last-minute appointments. The information below will enable you to make the required preparations previous to receiving emergency care.

Broken Fillings

One little but somewhat frequent emergency is a damaged filling. Make an appointment as soon as you learn about a broken or displaced filling. Your tooth runs the danger of more decay if your filling breaks. I will replace the filling during your consultation to strengthen the structure and keep dangerous bacteria out of the area.

Pulling A Tooth

You can salvage a permanent tooth if you or a family member knocks it out by following a few simple procedures. Maintaining constant moistness of the tooth is the most crucial thing you can do. Replace the tooth in the socket if at all feasible. An other option is to put the tooth in a tiny milk or water bottle. I like milk better. Hold the tooth from the crown, never from the root, whenever you handle it. Not a single piece of connected tissue should be removed or scrubbed. If you get treatment within an hour, you stand the best chance of saving the tooth.

Teeth Broken and Chipped

Gathering all of the fragments should be your first step if you chip or break a tooth. To clean the area, you should next immediately rinse your mouth with warm water. A chipped tooth could get worse over time even though it might not be a dental emergency right away. To enhance both the tooth's appearance and function, we might recommend dental bonding or a dental crown.

Oral Pain and Injuries

One of the main clues that you could be having a dental emergency is severe discomfort. Sporting and other physical activity-related trauma and injuries are readily avoided with a mouthguard. Should trauma occur, a cool compress can help to lessen swelling. Emerging pain could be the sign of infection or tooth decay. A root canal is one restorative procedure that may be necessary for severe toothaches.

Mouth Abscesses

Usually, an abscess is the consequence of a bacterial infection close to a tooth root. Ignored, this is a dangerous illness that can harm the soft tissues or teeth nearby. Should an abscess be found, it needs to be emptied very away to eliminate the infection. A lot of the time, the infection is the outcome of dental decay that extends outside the root. You could require a root canal to completely restore your oral health after we remove the abscess.

Dangerous Bleeding

Sometimes soft-tissue injuries lead to excessive bleeding. Gum, lips, cheek, and tongue soft tissue injuries are among them. Use a salt-water rinse to stop the bleeding, then apply a wet gauze pad to the affected region. An over-the-counter painkiller like Advil or Ibuprofen will help you manage the discomfort. Make an appointment right away if the bleeding does not stop.

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