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Broken Tooth
Rocklin, CA

A young man smiling after repairing his broken tooth at Smile Island Pediatric & Adult Dental Group in Rocklin, CAOften, our dentist will recommend dental crowns to address a number of dental issues. If you have cracked, chipped, or broken teeth, dental crowns may help cover, protect, as well as restore them. Crowing helps reshape, resize, and correct or improve the appearance of the teeth. Consulting our dental team at Smile Island Pediatric & Adult Dental Group ensures that you get dental crowns to resolve or correct your dental issue.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns come in the form of caps fitted over a damaged or broken tooth. Over time, your teeth may get damaged due to injuries, decay, or the normal wear and tear from constant use. The teeth may lose their size, shape, and appearance. Dental crowns are shaped like a tooth and are placed over the tooth. You can think of crowns as a snug hat for the tooth. These caps cover the visible part of the tooth.

What Issues Do Dental Crowns Resolve?

Dental crowns work to protect a weak or broken tooth, perhaps due to decay. A weakened tooth may easily break, hence causing more problems such as difficulties in biting, chewing, and even sensitivity. A crown may also keep a weakened tooth together in situations where the parts of that tooth are cracked.

Additionally, our dentist may place a dental crown to help restore a broken tooth or a badly worn down tooth. If you have a large filling and little structure of the tooth remaining, you can cover and support the tooth with a crown. Crowns may also help hold a dental bridge firmly in place. Our dentist may install crowns to cover misshapen and extremely discolored teeth or even a dental implant. A tooth treated with a root canal may need to be covered with a crown to help protect it.

Dental Crown Procedure

When you visit our office for a dental crown procedure, our dentist will examine your mouth and teeth. The dentist will start by preparing the tooth. During the examination, the dentist takes an x-ray to view the tooth and the surrounding bone. If any risk of tooth decay, infection, or injury to the pulp exists, a root canal is performed. The dentist then files down the specific tooth that needs crowning. The filing is done on the sides, at the top, across, and down the tooth. This process helps make adequate space to allow proper fitting of the crown.

Our dentist will make an impression of the tooth as well as the ones below and above. Using the impressions or digital scans, our dental office constructs the crown. It takes about a week or so for the construction of the crown to be completed. During this time you are waiting for your crown, our dentist will fit a temporary one that protects the part of the tooth that has been filed down.

You will come in for a second visit to get your permanent crown. Our dental professional will take away the temporary crown before placing the permanent one. Anesthesia is administered to promote comfort during the crown placement as well as the tooth surface filing.

Contact our dental team at Smile Island Pediatric & Adult Dental Group if you need repair of a cracked, broken, or chipped tooth. We will determine if crowning is appropriate for your case. Call us today at 916-773-6565 to request a consultation appointment.


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